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Phnom Penh, No. S116-117, Building Olympia City, Sangkat Boeung Prolit, Khan 7 Makara, 12258
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NOYAKONG Group Co., Ltd. Profile

  • About us

    Noyakong Group is a highly specialized company distributing products and services in Cambodia. We are a young, dynamic, and dedicated team building technical competencies to provide advanced products and services in specialized sectors including agro-industrial, healthcare, and industrial equipment. The company consists of a highly specialized and experienced team of engineers. This team focuses on the core designing, planning, and consulting of the projects. Our core value is the return-on-investment of our customers’ projects.
    From consultancy, feasibility analysis, equipment selection and supply, project management to installation, commissioning, on-site training and contract operator, we work closely with our customers. As a well structured company we work closely with leading equipment manufacturers from Europe, USA, and Asia for staying abreast with state-of the art solution.

    Our company currently represents some of the globally recognized names in their respective sectors:

    • San-shen Megasun Dryer
    • ​Satake Japan
    • Mettler Toledo
    • Philips Healthcare
    • Robert Bosch Thermotechnology

    Color sorters or Colour Sorters (sometimes electronic color sorters) are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colors, detecting the colors of things that pass before them, and using mechanical ejection devices to divert items whose colors do not fall within acceptable (or fall within rejectable) color ranges. Color sorters are used for color sorting harvested foodstuffs, such as coffee, nuts, rice, other cereals like wheat or rye and pulses. The goal is the separation of items that are discoloured, toxic like ergot, not as ripe as required or still with hull after dehulling, as sunflower seed. Through puts increased a lot in recent years with the use of new technologies and now up to 40 t/h wheat can be sorted. Stable types of colour sorters are used for the sorting of minerals/stones, with up to 100 t/h.

    They are also used in the diamond industry. The transparency of the diamond is measured by the color sorter and used as a measurement of its purity, and the diamonds are mechanically sorted accordingly. This has an advantage over X-Ray fluorescence methods of robotically detecting purity, since purer diamonds are less likely to fluoresce in the first place. Color sorters are used in the recycling industry as well. Color sorters can distinguish between colored and colorless PET and colored and colourless HDPE flakes, as well as separate flakes for there colour before regranulation. The top 3 companies who produce color sorters are Satake of Japan, DAEWON GSI of Korea and Buhler of Germany.


    Robert Bosch Steam Boiler delivered to Coca-cola's new bottling plant in PPSEZ. Turnkey installation to follow. Noyakong Industrial provides steam and hot-water boiler turnkey solution to breweries, juice, milk and other types of beverages manufacturers.


    Food Industrial Division:

    • Paddy/Corns Dryers
    • Rice Milling Machinery
    • Handling and Storage
    • Food Product Inspection and Quality Control
    • Weighing & Packaging Solution

    Healthcare Division:

    • Echo/Ultrasound, X-ray, CT Scanner and MRI​
    • Chemistry and Hematology Analyzer
    • Patience Care Equipment
    • Emergency and Resuscitation Care
    • Operation Room Equipment
    • Autoclave Sterilizers
    • General Medical Tools and Accessories

    Industrial Division:

    • Air Compressors
    • Hot Water Boiler
    • Steam Boiler

  • Agro-Industrial Equipment
    Agro-Industrial Equipment

    Truck scales, cleaners, dryers and storage, milling and processing, weighing and packaging

  • Audio Visual Lighting (AVL)
    Audio Visual Lighting (AVL)

    Speakers, sub-woofers, processor, mixers, amplifiers, AV receivers, audio cables, truss, lighting, LED screens, projectors

  • Healthcare Equipment
    Healthcare Equipment

    X-ray, ultrasound, diagnostic laboratory, patient monitoring and life Support devices, CT, CT Simulator, Cath-lab, PET CT, MRI

  • Power & Industrial Equipment
    Power & Industrial Equipment

    Air compressors, generators, hot-water and steam boilers, analytical laboratory devices, industrial weighing and product inspection equipment, truck scales

  • F&B Distribution
    F&B Distribution

    Exclusive distributor for Bitburger, Kostritzer, Benediktiner, Konig, Limburgse Witte, and Rio cocktails

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